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Remembering Francie Brolly, friend of the Tonalestate, who died on February the 6, 2020, in Derry, Ireland

11 Febbraio 2020 Nessun Commento

Francie was a righteous person and, when a righteous person leaves this Earth, for those who remain, the pain is intense; the pain purifies and at the same time digs to go even deeper and discover, in this way, new forms of dedication to great ideals, ideals that are formed in the common path, through the concrete and real faces that surround us.

Francie’s presence at Tonalestate has been and will always be very important. He taught us that man does not need many things to live, but only one thing can and must never be lacking: the decision to fight, to look beyond one’s own private interests, to seek the common good. This is the essential condition for my own good: to seek the good of the other, first of all. He also taught us that the continuous search for the good of others is the origin, method and purpose of Politics.

Francie taught us the right balance in the search for peace: it is not the pacifism of those who want to feel good at all costs, because this is impossible if injustice and inequality are accepted as unavoidable.
He taught us not to forget any of those whom life has brought us together and with whom we have walked to build peace.

He taught us not to close ourselves in the old age of years, but to have a truly young heart. The youth that he spoke about is the one that takes root at the bottom of every man’s heart, in the heart of those who decide to let himself be freed from the chains in which they are chained or chained.

His voice, his presence, his witness, his frank and smiling aspect remain forever the tangible symbol of the fact that it is possible to be free men, if you walk and search together.

Filled with gratitude for having been close to him over the years, we resume our work, hoping in some way to be able to imitate the joy, generosity, strength and freedom of Francie, who taught us that singing can only be a song in common.

Tonalestate wants to remember Francie Brolly in a dedicated meeting
on Friday 14 February 2020 at 6.30 pm in Reggio Emilia

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