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Conferences program 2013 (English)

2 Agosto 2013 Nessun Commento

Saturday, August the 3rd
escogito ergo sum

city hall, ponte di legno
9.30         Eletta Leoni, responsible of “Centro Studi Tonalestate” and the event facilitator
“2013’s Image: parlando cose che ‘l tacer è bello”
10.00    Claudio Maria Celli, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communication
“networks, new languages: challenges and opportunities for evangelizing
10.45      Break
11.00    Francisco Prieto, writter, journalist, university teacher from Mexico City.
“language, sign, meaning (bicentenary of Soren Kierkegaard’s birth)”
11.45      Marcello Buiatti, genetics teacher, Florence University
“the resistible rise of homo insipiens”
12.30      Maria Paola Azzali, Tonalestate’s president
welcome message, regards reading.

APT hall, passo del tonale
16.00    Marc Leclerc, Company of Jesus member, permanent volunteer at ATD Quarto Mondo, biologist, philosopher
“the language function in Albert Camus Simone Weil and Joseph Wresinski”
16.45      Aldo Giobbio, journalist
“Talking without saying”
17.30      Break
17.45      Michelangelo Tagliaferri, Accademy of communication founder, Milan
“the gift of words in the lack’s desert”
18.30      Exhibit opening ceremony

hotel delle Alpi, passo del tonale
21.30 Piano concert
Marius Vasile Mantale and Adrian Cojocariu
Foundation Iulian Arcadi Trofin

Sunday, August the 4th
educate accompany 

city hall, ponte di legno
9.30      Angelina Volpe, comparate culture’s teacher at the Nanzan University of Nagoya
“Don’t touch the constitution!”
10.15    Latifa Ibn Ziaten, IMAD Founder, Association for youth and peace
“framing and listening young people”
11.00    break
11.15    Vincenzo Angelo Zani, secretary of the Congregation for the catholic education
“languages and culture’s transmission. Educating in order to meet the other”
12.00    Jean Tonglet, ATD Quarto Mondo, international movement, delegate
“give birth to an authentic and credible word: maieutics from Dolci to Wresinski “

from immunity to community
city hall, ponte di legno
16.00    Gian Guido Folloni, president of the Italian Institute for Asia and Mediterranean
“think about ourselves beyond the crisis”
16.45      Dominique Vidal, historian and journalist, collaborates with Le Monde Diplomatique
“the belly is still fruitful”
17.30      break
17.45      Michel Warschawski, journalist, Alternative Information Center, Jerusalem
“A ferrymen between two banks”
18.30      Matteo Riva, councilman of Emilia Romagna Region
“If imagining is fascinating, think what it would be doing it: for a common wealth, political and social    commitment”

XX settembre sqaure, ponte di legno
21.30    Francie&Anne Brolly
to each people its own song

Monday, August the 5th
we are talk

city hall, ponte di legno
9.30         Philippe Haddad,  Les Ulis Community Rabbi, FranceThe Babel Tower : from the same language to the In-communication
10.15    Roberto Catalano, responsible of the center for interreligious dialogue of Focolare movement
“vital dialogue paths: silence and empathy”
11.00    break
11.15    Adnane Mokrani, teacher at the Pontifical Institute of arab and islamic studies at the Gregorian University, president of   the Interconfessional center for peace.
“the dialogue as peace under construction and exclusivism ad powerful violence”
12.00    Jean-Marie Lassausse, Mission de France priest, Tibhirine gardener
“working in the heredity of Tibhirine monks”

myself as another
city hall, ponte di legno
16.00    Tehseer Nisar, doctoral candidate at LUISS university in political theory
“the challenge of social change in Pakistan thru educating women”
16.45    Agostino Burberi, vice president of Don Milani Foundation
“words between equals: I care”
17.30      break
17.45    Harumi Kondaiji, assessor at the Tsuruga district, Japan
“the uncomfortable truth of Fukushima”
18.30    Giorgio Fornoni, fotoreporter, freelance, Report, Raitre
“human disasters”
19.15      Loris Cavalletti, Regional secretary FNP CISL, Emilia Romagna County
“From indifference to solidarity”

vermiglio theatre
21.30    Rondinella Chourus from Mezzana (Trento)

Tuesday, August the 6th
don’t take the name of God in vain

paradiso auditorium, hotel mirella, ponte di legno
9.30         Francie Brolly, (member of Sinn Fen, Dungiven, Derry, Northern Ireland)
“tír gan teanga, tír gan anam’ (a country without its own language is a country without a soul)”
10.15      Esther Mujawayo, sociologist, writer, Avega founder – association of Rwanda genocide widows
“It’s my heart, the most shattered country”
11.00    break
11.15    Tonalestate’s speakers conclusions
12.00    Maria Paola Azzali, Tonalestate president
Conclusions and greetings

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