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Schedule 2012 One Way, Engaged Lives

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5th of August, sunday


«AUT-AUT: live is to chose» City Hall, Ponte di Legno

H.9.30 Eletta Leoni (responsible of Tonalestate Centre for Studies and moderator of the seminar): “Without these kind of research”
H.10.00 Francisco Prieto (writer, journalist, university professor, Mexico): “Faithful to the given and written word”
H.10.45 Coffee Break H.11.00 Marc Leclerc (member of the Society of Jesus, permanent volunteer of ATD Forth World, Biologist, philosopher and university professor at Sevres Centre in Paris): “The humble thoughts; Camus and Wresinski”
H.11.45 Giuseppe Staccia (vice-president of Opera di Nàzaret): “Our friend Giovanni, in relation with the infinite and the men”


«The daring research of new ways» City Hall, Ponte di Legno

H.16.00 Marcello Buiatti (professor of genetics, University of Flo- rence) interviewed by Giuseppe De Marco (engineer and editor): “Born to choose?”
H.16.45 Dominique Vidal (journalist and writer, Le Monde Diplo- matique): “Jacques Sephiha, l’internationalisme fait homme”
H.17.30 Coffee Break
H.17.45 Jean Tonglet (delegate of the international movement ATD Forth World): “I testify of you” Screening of short film about Jo- seph Wresinski
H.18.30 Giorgio Fornoni (reporter, freelance Report RAITRE): “Your story is our story”


«past for future», APT Hall, Passo del Tonale

H.21.30 Gospel Chorus Comunità Viva

6th of August, Monday


«Per aspera, ad astra» City Hall, Ponte di Legno

H.9.30 Angela Volpe (university Professor of compared cultures at the Nanzan University in Nagoya): “Charles de Foucauld: the uni- versal brotherhood”
H.10.15 Giovanni Battista Re (prefect emeritus of the Congregation for Bishops and president emeritus of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America): “A great witness of the faith; the cardinal Van Thuan”
H.11.00 Coffee Break H.11.15 Gian Guido Folloni (president of the Italian Institute for Asia and Mediterranean): “Italy and Europe: the challenges of the com- mon life”
H.12.00 Guido Barbera (president of “Solidarietà e Cooperazione CIPSI”): “The tireness daily solidarity”


«in particular you can get the universal» Hotel Mirella, Ponte di Legno

H.16.00 Aldo Giobbio (journalist): “The politics; science of the good government or conservation of power?”
H.16.45 Anwar Abu Eisheh (professor of Civil Law at the Al Quds University of Hebron and responsible of the association France-Palesti- ne): “No surrender in front of the ideal”
H.17.30 Coffee Break H.17.45 Matteo Riva (regional councillor, Region Emilia Romagna): “If not now, when?”
H.18.30 Harumi Kondaiji (alderwoman in Tsuruga, Japan), Mina Hirano Satoji (student in the Faculty of English, Nanzan University, Japan), Yoshitaka Suzuki (Educator, assistant to disable people): “Be- fore the economy the life: why we are against nuclear”


Recital and music, APT Hall, Passo del Tonale

H.21.30 (songwriter, Tegucigalpa, Honduras): “A revolution that does not envy, but a revolution that you sing”

7th of August, tuesday


«Not willing that anyone should perish» Hotel Mirella, Ponte di Legno

H.9.30 Jean-Louis Tauran (president of the Pontifical Council for the Interreligious Dialogue) : “Without friends, no one would cho- ose to live”
H.10.15 Azzedine Gaci (rector of the Othman Mosque in Villeur- banne, Lyon and President of the Regional Council of the Muslim Cult, Rhône-Alpes, France): “le bases du dialogue interreligieux”
H.11.00 Coffee Break
H.11.15 Dalil Boubakeur (rector of the Muslim Institute of the Paris Mosque, Member of the Council of the Medical): “To be for the Other” H.11.30 Philippe Haddad (rabbi of the Les Ulis Community, France): “The antireligious dialogue or the challenge of the modern Quixote”
H.12.15 Maria Paola Azzali (president of Tonalestate): “Together again: goodbye”

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