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The denied identities English – 日本語

4 Luglio 2010 Nessun Commento



The dialogue, we have articulated here in Tonalestate, has requested that simplicity of mind and purity of heart (in the act of hearing, of asking, of speaking) which we could call “humility”. “Humility is an incessant throbbing of helpfulness towards every- thing: the beautiful things and the ugly ones, the good and the evil, the living things and the dead ones”.

I believe that already this attitude of real con- version and reciprocal acceptance has accomplished the effort and the joy of the meeting, of different per- sonalities, of various stories and different visions: this is the aspect, at least a starting point, of a multicultur- alism that is really respectful of the identities and prone to dialogue.

We have said that all the absolute-seekers have the same dignity and the man, in order to live, must be in relation with the other; the need for the other person expresses the dignity and the greatness of mankind. We need to listen from each other, meet each other; we need education and we all need to

learn, from each other, the desire and the action for the common good. I want also to add that several talks heard during these days have shown that exists an

underground connection between criminality, countries and big capital cities. This connection is made on the dominant relations, imposed by the multinationals of a richer and richer North, to- wards a South of the world poorer and poorer and in need. A North that has a mass destruction weapon: the structural violence of the debt, founded on the imperial and neo-feudal logic of the modern forms of military and financial colonialism, established in different parts of the planet.

Hunger, plagues and permanent war: these are the angels of death, the “four knights of apocalypse of the economic sub development”. The new mafia organizations and the powerful international lobbies, without hesitation, influence the markets, launder money, deal in weapons: they are criminal organizations that use the legalized official nature of the market.

And this leads to that social climate where, quoting Hobbes, “homo homini lupus”, the man is a wolf for the other man; and every occasion, event or circumstance is good for separat- ing men, making them fighting each other, destroying their identities, preventing the reciprocal understanding, killing them.

How can we face this situation?

Tonalestate, as small cultural event, can use only one strategy: the denunciation; a moral denunciation of civil commitment. A denunciation that could be the voice of the voiceless ones.

I thank all the people who bore those evidences, which, besides having unveiled the am- biguity of various international organizations, give us once again the courage to overcome the indifference and the lack of commitment, in order not to pass over injustice in silence.

I thank all the speakers.

I thank the Ponte di Legno City Council, Vermiglio City Council, the “Mirella culture” and all the institutions that took part to the event.

I thank Elena and the whole staff. I thank the whole audience. Goodbye, in God’s will, if we have the possibility, also financial, to continue.

Maria Paola Azzali

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